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July 30, 2011

Wine, books in Sunshine


This was painted in very bright sunshine on my balcony, actually in direct sun which is breaking an open air painting rule really or at least likely to give you a headache

July 28, 2011

Strangford Lough, hot day

These are down around Strangford Lough, lovely little Drumlin hills there. I painted the first one for the juxtaposition of the yellow hill with the cool blue hill, in the second I was enjoying the hazy -hot day blues in the far off fields and trying to capture the particular brightness of a hot cloudy day

July 25, 2011



Some little still-lifes of flowers in evening sunlight



July 13, 2011

New Paintings


Fields, long grass and Trees, 2011


Fields and Lough, rain. 2011